I'm through with repairs...

...when there's nothing to fix.

Tacoma, Washington, United States
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Aaron and I found out on Jan 2nd, 2008, that we were expecting our first child! We found out on April 7th that we were having a BOY! On September 13th we welcomed Jude into our lives. We couldn't have asked for a better little person to care for.

My LJ is more or less friends only, but if you reply to an open post... who knows what may happen If you do not comment on an open post, there's a really, really, really good chance I won't bother adding you back.

Basic info: I'm 28, a stuborn female, live in WA State, am a model as well as photographer, I act, I can sing, dance, draw when I feel like it, I'm a writer, a teacher, a philosopher, and I'm definatly taken.

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"When all your friends
Don't have the answers
And you're so convinced that inch by inch
They've turned to strangers
Yeah we've all seen different sides
No one hears even though you've talked all night
And I know what you feel like
You're on your own
Can't make it through this world all alone
Is this thing on?"

(Image © Jeffery Winner)

That would be me.

And that's my man and I.

And that's our little Monkey Butt!